1. Toronto band The Bam Bams doing an amazing a capella cover of Nina Simone’s Be My Husband on Monday night at The Piston.

  2. matchboxblues:

    Seraphic Lights gig post by your’s truly

    Cool poster, cool bands… wish I were in town to catch it. 

  3. Toronto band Ruthless Ones playing The Cage Wednesday night.  Super fun set and they had someone from the audience come up on stage and read some poetry (?smut according to their facebook page?) to start it off. 

  4. Photos of London area band, The Offensive Senses, playing at The Cage 292 Wednesday night.  Check them out on facebook and find their EP for download.

  5. Toronto band The Curmudgeons playing The Cage 292 last night

  6. Transit art #torontoigers #ttc #art #mobilegallery

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks.  

    (Source: asylum-art, via racefromthisholeshecallshome)

  8. This is my first ever gif! Any feedback is appreciated of course.

    The record playing is the Mountain Goats’ All Hail West Texas

  9. Alt-J and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club make for a much improved commute from work.

  10. 4:30 am comes way too fast.